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What is an air cushion belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-30
Belt conveyors that use rollers to support the conveyor belt have been widely used in my country. But the bearing is in the form of intermittent contact bearing, which will cause vibration when conveying materials with high resistance. In order to overcome these shortcomings, Zhongyueda is committed to the research of new belt conveyors, and continuously introduces air cushion conveyors, magnetic cushion conveyors and water cushion conveyors. Their common feature is the non-contact continuous bearing. The structure of the      air-cushion belt conveyor is similar to the general belt conveyor except for the air-cushion forming part, that is, the air-cushion belt conveyor includes a fan, connecting line, air storage tank, etc., with most of the supporting rollers removed.     air cushion belt conveyor can meet the transportation requirements of special materials. The air volume of the blower is sufficient to meet the air consumption of the air-cushion belt conveyor, and the air tank can be filled in a few seconds to achieve sufficient pressure strength to form an air cushion. Even if the material on the belt is intermittent, because the compressed air always needs to be discharged from the air hole of the air tank without affecting the air cushion at the supporting point, the conveyor can still work normally.    Because the air pressure is greater than the gravity of the material, and the air has a certain speed, the fine powder material will not enter the air cushion space, causing the air tank and the conveyor belt to wear. In addition, the air-cushion belt loading conveyor can also adopt a closed circulating air chamber to meet the transportation requirements of toxic materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.
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