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What is a vertical vibrating conveyor? What are the characteristics

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-29

Through the vibration exciter, the conveyor can be forced to vibrate, the purpose is to make the vertical conveying tower vibrate in a straight line and the torsional vibration around the vertical center axis to form a combination of two vibrations, so that the The material is thrown obliquely in the direction of the spiral movement, forming the upward conveying process of the material along the spiral groove. The vertical vibrating conveyor is composed of a lifting tank, a vibration motor, a vibration reduction system and a base. The vertical vibration conveyor is divided into two types: the trough type and the closed type.

Vertical vibration hoist adopts vibration motor as the vibration source, and the center lines of two vibration motors of the same type fixed on the hoisting groove cross a certain angle Install and rotate self-synchronously in the opposite direction. When the eccentric block of the vibration motor rotates, the component force of the centrifugal force generated by each instantaneous position reciprocates along the throwing direction, so that the whole body supported on the shock absorber keeps vibrating. , so that the material is thrown up in the hoisting trough and moves upward at the same time. After the material falls into the feeding trough, it starts to be thrown up. At this time, the material can be fully contacted with the air, and it can also play the role of heat dissipation and cooling.

When the vertical vibrating loading conveyor works, according to the principle of double vibration motor self-synchronization, the vibration motor generates the exciting force, forcing the entire conveying tower body to make horizontal circular motion and upward vertical movement. The space of the movement is compounded by vibration, and the material in the spiral groove is subjected to the action of the conveying groove to make a circular throwing motion at a uniform speed and move upward along the conveying groove body, thereby completing the upward (or downward) conveying of the material.

To understand the advantages and characteristics of vertical vibrating conveyors

1. It can carry out horizontal or slightly inclined conveying, and can also carry out vertical conveying (rising along the spiral groove) ).

2. It can be made into a closed tank to transport dusty, toxic or explosive materials. Due to the good sealing, the working environment can be improved.

3. It has strong adaptability to materials, and can transport materials with different physical properties, such as materials with various particle sizes, shapes, temperature density, corrosiveness, hardness and abrasiveness, etc. . It is not suitable to convey viscous or too wet materials.

4. It has a wide range of uses, and can complete processes such as screening, cooling, drying, dehydration, heating, and mixing while conveying materials.

5. Simple structure, easy installation, low power consumption, etc.


The vertical vibrating conveyor has strong adaptability to materials and can transport materials with different physical properties, such as various particle sizes , shape, temperature, density, corrosive, soft and hard and abrasive materials; can be made into a closed tank to transport dusty, toxic and explosive materials, improving the working environment and safety conditions; structure Simple, easy to install, low power consumption, and in addition to horizontal or slightly inclined conveying, vertical conveying is also possible.

Notes on the installation of vertical vibrating conveyors

1. When installing, ensure that the support pipe is vertical to the horizontal, and its axis is not vertical The height is not greater than 2/1000 of the total height;

2. The vertical vibration hoist is generally used indoors;

3. The anchor screw is fixed, and the grounding protection; p>4. The hoist is not allowed to have a rigid connection with the surrounding objects, and has a certain movement gap to prevent noise from being affected or vibrated.

The vibrating vertical conveyor has the characteristics of simple structure, low energy consumption, good sealing and dust emission, so it is widely used.

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