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What is a vertical conveyor? What are the characteristics

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-29

What is a vertical conveyor?

Vertical loading conveyor refers to a device that can transport materials in a vertical direction, also known as a vertical hoist. There are two modes of transportation, from bottom to top and from top to bottom. Vertical conveyors are very efficient in the vertical direction. The vertical conveyor can improve the utilization rate of high altitude and reduce the ground area occupied by the equipment.

After years of development, vertical elevators have many different manifestations, but they can be roughly divided into two categories in terms of the continuity of material conveying, continuous material flow and discontinuous material flow, continuous material flow means high material conveying efficiency.

Platform hoists and circulating hoists have discontinuous material flow. The platform hoist is usually a platform that reciprocates up and down to transport materials. During the use of the platform hoist, the material needs to wait for the platform, making the material flow discontinuous. Compared with the platform hoist, the design of the circulating hoist has changed, which realizes the recycling of multiple platforms, and can realize the multi-platform loading/unloading of materials through control to achieve the function of material flow between different floors. However, like the platform hoist, the material needs to wait for the platform, the material flow is discontinuous, and the space utilization rate is low due to structural factors.


Continuous hoists, clamp hoists and screw hoists have continuous material flow. Among them, the continuous elevator can match the arrival time of the platform by controlling the material spacing in advance, so as to realize the continuous conveying of materials, but this requires very strict material spacing control, and in practical application, strict material spacing control is difficult, and Additional equipment is required, resulting in increased cost, and additional equipment also needs to occupy additional space, resulting in lower space utilization.

The working principle of the clamping lift is that two sets of circulating chain plates (or other structures) are placed opposite and parallel, and the materials are lifted from the two sets of opposite chain plates. Entering in the middle, under the action of friction, it is clamped and lifted. Due to its working principle, this kind of elevator has high requirements on the size consistency of the conveyed material, and the weight of the conveyed material needs to be small. Therefore, it is basically used in bottle and can production lines.

Compared with the platform hoist and the circulating hoist, the screw elevator can achieve continuous conveying in terms of the continuity of material conveying, and the material is on the screw loading conveyor. There is no need to wait before; at the same time, it has better material size compatibility and greater material weight bearing capacity than the gripper hoist, which is an ideal choice for vertical hoists.

And other applications have been developed in the material conveying function. Use the screw elevator to solve the problem of crossing the old line body; adding a few accessories can realize the material distribution from single floor to multiple floors or multiple floors to single floor and so on.

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