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What is a mesh belt conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-19
There are two series of mesh belt conveyors: carbon steel mesh belt conveyor and stainless steel mesh belt conveyor. There are two series of mesh belt conveyors: carbon steel mesh belt conveyor and stainless steel mesh belt loading conveyor. Among them, stainless steel mesh belt conveyor is the most famous. . The selection of the mesh belt conveyor is particularly important in use, and the models and parameters used in different environments are different. The selection method of the Great Wall mesh belt conveyor: first determine the temperature, humidity, and corrosiveness of the environment in which it is used, and use these to select the correct method of conveyor material, wire diameter, and body strength.
Mesh belt conveyor is also called continuous loading conveyor, divided into mesh belt type and net chain type
Mesh belt conveyors are also called continuous conveyors. Split-mesh belt and net-chain mesh belt conveyors are material handling machinery that continuously convey materials on a certain line. Also known as continuous conveyors, they can be divided into mesh belts. Style and net chain style. The conveyor can carry out horizontal, inclined and vertical conveying, and can also form a spatial conveying line, which is generally fixed. The conveyor has a large conveying capacity and a long conveying distance, and it can also complete several technological operations at the same time during the conveying process. The conveyor belt is made of carbon steel, stainless steel, and thermoplastic chains. Chain plates of different widths and shapes can be selected according to the needs of your products to complete the requirements of flat conveying, flat turning, lifting, and lowering. It is widely used in the transportation of beverage bottles, aluminum cans, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and other industries. By selecting different mesh belts, it can be made into bottle storage stations, elevators, sterilizers, vegetable washing machines, cold bottle machines, and meat food transportation, etc. The industry-specific equipment considers the tension limit of the mesh belt, and the longest single line length generally does not exceed 20 meters.
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