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What is a belt conveyor? What are the categories

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-29

There are many names for belt conveyors, such as belt conveyors, belt loading conveyor lines, belt conveyors, etc. The belt movement driven by the power roller can act as an assembly line device for conveying items. The types of conveying can be bulk materials, cartons, etc. Lightweight items such as bags. Suitable for food, electronics, chemistry, printing and other industries.

Structures include: trough belt conveyor, flat belt loading conveyor, climbing belt conveyor, etc. Accessories such as baffles and skirts can meet various process requirements. Both sides of the conveyor are equipped with workbenches and light frames, which can be used as electronic instrument assembly, food packaging and other assembly lines.

Technical Reference

1. Body structure material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum profile.

2. Belt material: rubber, silicone, PVC, PU and other materials, in addition to being used for conveying common materials, it can also meet the conveying of materials with special requirements such as oil resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-static , The use of special food-grade loading conveyor belts can meet the requirements of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries.

3. Conveying speed and driving mode: geared motor drive, electric drum drive.

4. Angle: 30°-180°

5. Load: It depends on the size of the fuselage, the heaviest load is 200kg.

6. Overweight load and ultra-high-speed operation models are extremely customizable.

Belt size parameters

Rotation angle: 30°-180°Specifications outside the table can be customized.

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