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What factors need to be understood before belt conveyor design

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-01
The requirements for the use of belt conveyors in different environments are different. The more complex the environment, the more basis for the design, and it is necessary to fully understand the engineering requirements for belt conveyors before designing, and in the design and production Meet these requirements. The design of belt conveyor usually requires the following basis: 1. Transportation volume. The transportation volume cannot be calculated only when the material flow is uniform, but also whether to increase the silo when the material flow is uneven, and the designed transportation volume of the belt conveyor cannot be increased blindly to meet the maximum transportation of the uneven material flow. the amount. 2. Transportation route. This includes the total length of the conveying, the inclination angle and lifting height of different sections, the detailed length of the straight and curved sections, etc. 3. Operating conditions and environmental conditions. Design according to outdoor or indoor, ambient temperature, mobile, fixed or telescopic, and environmental protection requirements. 4. Operating hours. This needs to take into account the daily operating time of the belt loading conveyor, the number of working days per year and the number of service years and other requirements for design. Have a professional belt loading conveyor design team, design and manufacture belt conveyors for many large coal mines, power plants, ports, etc. When your project requires a loading conveyor system, please contact us, and the company will send professional technicians to the field to carry out Investigating surveying and mapping, tailoring the most perfect conveying system for your project, satisfying you is our greatest pursuit.
Nowadays, the adoption of flexible conveyor system in container loading machine industry is quite common.
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