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What factors can affect the efficiency of screw conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-27
2012-08-02 07:46:53 What factors can affect the efficiency of the screw conveyor? The screw conveyor is a kind of equipment commonly used when conveying materials. It has large bearing capacity, safety and reliability, and strong adaptability. The whole machine has a small volume and high speed. Convenient installation and maintenance, long life, etc., are widely used in building materials, chemical industry, electric power, coal, machinery, light industry, food and other industries. Sometimes some factors can affect the efficiency of the loading conveyor. Blocks are easy to stick to the spiral blades and the inner wall of the conveyor, and the increased resistance when conveying materials affects the production efficiency. The size of the pipe diameter also affects the conveying efficiency. The conveying efficiency of a conveyor with a larger pipe diameter is higher than the conveying capacity and conveying efficiency of a smaller pipe. The inclination and conveying distance of the conveying can affect the efficiency. The working speed of the conveyor is closely related to the characteristics of the material. The production and assembly requirements of the high-speed conveyor are strict, and the balance should be good. Especially for large and medium specifications, the speed is low, which causes a lot of waste. The loading conveyor with higher speed has better conveying efficiency.
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