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What effect does material have on the design of screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-09
The main type of screw conveyor currently used in my country is the LS series, and its specifications are represented by the diameter of the screw blade D, and are divided into several types such as 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, and 600 mm. What influence does the material have on the design of the screw conveyor?  1. Material transportability: Screw conveyors are mainly used for conveying various loose powder particles and small blocks, as well as some materials with low viscosity. It is not suitable for materials with high viscosity and easy to agglomerate. Therefore, before selecting the screw conveyor, the transportability of the materials to be transported should be analyzed first to ensure that the equipment has reliable working conditions.  2. Material conveying capacity: Screw conveyors have different filling coefficients according to the different materials they convey. Therefore, the capacity of the selected equipment refers to the delivery volume within the allowable filling factor range. Uniform feeding of materials In practical applications, the screw machine is often combined with other conveying equipment to form a transportation system. In order to make the screw machine in the transportation system still be able to feed evenly, it should be above the loading port of the screw conveyor if necessary Add feeding device.
What are the advantages of shaftless screw conveyors compared to other conveyors
Shaftless screw conveyors are currently widely used in many industries, mainly used in food, medicine, paper, beverage, chemical and other industries to transport materials with strong adhesion, paste-like viscous materials (such as chemical raw materials, waste paper pulp, Malt, sludge, etc.) and entangled materials (such as household garbage) have unique advantages.  The advantages of shaftless screw conveyor compared to other conveyors:   1. Shaftless screw loading conveyor has strong anti-winding property. There is no central axis interference, and it is more suitable for conveying special materials such as belt-shaped and easy-to-wind materials. 2. Low energy consumption and large torque. Because the screw has no shaft, the material is not easy to be blocked, and the discharge port is not easy to be blocked, so it can run at a lower speed, drive smoothly, and reduce energy consumption. The torque can reach 4000N/m. The delivery volume is large. The conveying capacity is 1.5 times that of the traditional shaft screw conveyor with the same diameter.  3. The shaftless screw conveyor has good sealing performance. The use of fully enclosed conveying and easy-to-clean spiral surface can ensure environmental sanitation and the delivered materials are not polluted or leaked.  4. Shaftless screw conveyor has compact structure, space saving, beautiful appearance, easy operation, economical and durable.   5. Long conveying distance. The length of single machine can reach 60 meters. And according to user needs, it can adopt multi-stage tandem installation to transport materials over long distances.
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