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What conveyor is used for bagged cement?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-28
Tunnels, bridges and other projects require a large amount of bulk cement during construction. Most of the current cement packaging is bagged in nylon woven bags, but there are gaps in the nylon woven bags, and the internal cement will leak out and adhere to the packaging bags. At present, most of the cement distribution centers such as cement yards and construction sites are carried manually. Most of the transportation methods are carried by arms and shoulders. The cement will inevitably come into contact with the cement during transportation. The cement is corrosive and has a long-term Contact can cause great harm to porters. Although some small vehicles can be used for auxiliary transportation, the existing small vehicles cannot climb steps. When there are steps, manual transportation is required. The existing manual transportation methods are inefficient and have a certain degree of inefficiency. Is there any way to transport cement? The following editor will introduce a mobile lifting belt conveyor specially for conveying bagged cement. Bagged Cement Mobile Lifting Belt Bagged Cement Mobile Lifting Belt is suitable for two-way transportation of bulk or bagged cement loading and unloading trucks, with 5 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters, and 20 meters. Meters and other specifications, the angle of inclination is adjustable over 10 meters. It can move freely and flexibly. Side pipes are installed on both sides of the frame to prevent materials from falling out during transportation. There are adjustment handles on both sides of the feeding hopper to prop up the side plates to prevent materials from leaking and facilitate the transportation of bulk materials. The frame adopts a welded truss structure, which has sufficient strength and good rigidity under the concentrated load of the package. Both large and small walking wheels are made of solid rubber wheels to prevent crushing of grain and the warehouse floor. Both the large and small wheels are equipped with ball bearings, and the small wheels have the function of automatic steering, which ensures that the machine is light and flexible. The conveying process is stable, the conveying speed can be adjusted, the material and the loading conveyor belt have no relative movement, which can avoid the damage to the conveyed material, the noise is low, and a lot of personnel and money are saved. The above is the mobile lifting belt conveyor for bagged cement introduced by the editor.
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