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What causes the work efficiency of screw conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-01
When using a screw loading conveyor to transport materials, the characteristics of the materials being transported are different, which may produce undesirable effects. For example, the material is highly viscous and easily sticks to the blades and the inner wall of the conveyor. The increase in resistance during the transportation process affects production effectiveness. The size of the conveyor pipe diameter also affects work efficiency. The conveying efficiency of a conveyor with a larger pipe diameter is higher than that of a smaller pipe. If the conveying angle is too large, the pressure of the material on the bottom bearing will increase, especially in the vertical use mode. If the bearing cannot withstand too much pressure, it is prone to failure. The particle size, temperature, water content, abrasiveness and corrosivity of the material will also affect the conveying efficiency. The speed of the conveyor is closely related to the characteristics of the material. The production of high-speed conveyors requires strict assembly and good balance. , Large and medium specifications, low speed, resulting in large waste.
What is a tubular screw conveyor
Tube conveyors are generally used for continuous conveying equipment for powder, small granular and small bulk materials. In a closed pipeline, chains are used as transmission components to drive animal materials along the pipeline. . When conveying horizontally, the material particles will be pushed by the chain in the direction of movement. When the internal friction between the material layers is greater than the external friction between the material and the pipe wall, the material will move forward along with the chain pieces to form a stable material flow; when conveyed vertically, the material particles in the pipe are affected by the chain. The upward thrust of the piece, because the lower part prevents the upper material from sliding down, and produces lateral side pressure, so the internal friction of the material is enhanced. When the internal friction between the material is greater than the external friction between the material and the inner wall of the pipe and the material When it weighs itself, the material will be transported upward along the chain to form a continuous flow. So what are the advantages of the tube chain conveyor system? The first is that it is compact in structure, occupies less space, and can change the conveying direction three-dimensionally. Furthermore, the outlet does not require a dust collector. It can be filled with gas when conveying materials. There is also a rescue when the material is smoothly transported along the pipe, the material is less damaged, and the slow curved transportation causes a few material particles to produce debris. It also has low energy consumption-the operating cost is also economical, and the entire system Only one motor is needed to drive it. After that, it will not cause system blockage-it is suitable for conveying various forms of materials.
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