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What carbon steel roller conveyor can be divided into

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-05
Use conveyors to transport food materials for production and transportation, so as to promote product production efficiency. In the food conveyor production, transportation and logistics transportation system, the carbon steel roller conveyor replaces the manual driving transportation method in the production operation, and can change the direction of other driving loading conveyor belts.   When the carbon steel roller conveyor conveys materials during production operations, the staff uses the method of manually pushing the materials to reach the intention of conveying the materials. Modern food production and processing companies have popularized the use of conveyors to transport food materials for production and transportation, so as to improve product production efficiency. Carbon steel roller rollers are generally manufactured as round tubes. Steel pipes, plastic tubes, and other types of high-precision and high-strength materials can also be selected from the manufacturing raw materials to make the rollers. According to different materials for manufacturing rollers, carbon steel roller conveyors can be divided into:    one, plastic roller conveyor, that is, the roller barrel is made of plastic pipes;    two, carbon steel roller loading conveyor is generally referred to as a roller. The carbon steel roller loading conveyor manufactured by using carbon steel pipes is based on the process requirements of different companies’ product materials. The outer surface of the carbon steel roller barrel can also be manufactured into other types: the first type is a plastic-sprayed roller, which refers to the choice of the outer surface of the roller barrel. It can be manufactured by spraying powder, and it can also be manufactured by spraying paint;    three types are electroplating roller conveyors, which are manufactured by electroplating the surface of the drum barrel, such as galvanizing, chrome plating, nickel plating, etc.;    four types are coated Roller conveyor.  According to the needs of different production enterprises, the rubber-coated carbon steel rollers can also be wrapped in various colors, so that the manufactured and processed carbon steel rollers have a soft appearance, which can reduce the abrasion between the conveyed materials when conveying food in daily operations. Then improve the quality of the product.
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