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What are the types of bulk material plus baffle climbing belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-26
Climbing belt conveyor is the general name of climbing belt conveyor, which is a kind of belt conveyor. Climbing belt conveyors are used to continuously or intermittently transport objects under 500kg or powdery or granular objects with conveyor belts. The climbing belt conveyor is used in the transportation condition with height difference, can carry on continuous transportation, and can be smoothly connected with roller conveyor or chain loading conveyor. The materials of the conveyor belt in the climbing belt conveyor are: white canvas belt (or leather watchband), plastic belt, antistatic PVC belt, food grade stainless steel PU belt, pattern conveyor belt, nylon belt (heavy objects with stainless steel wire The nylon belt), metal mesh belt and so on. Among them, PVC conveyor belts and grain conveyor belts are used more frequently, and PU conveyor belts are more used for food transportation. The angle of view of the climbing belt loading conveyor is best not to exceed 13 degrees. If it exceeds 13 degrees, you need to lift the barrier on the surface of the transmission belt or choose the grass belt with friction. When making a climbing belt conveyor, it is generally necessary to lift the protective net on the waist side of the belt conveyor or the side of the transmission belt to prevent the objects from falling during the whole process of transportation. The driving methods of the climbing belt conveyor are: the reducer motor driving method and the electric roller driving method. The conveyor belt of the portable belt conveyor is integrated into the transportation, loading, unloading, handling, stacking, and dumping of bulk or packaged grains and small-grain raw materials. It has a variety of functions, and can be used by several series or other mechanical conveying equipment in coordination with supporting facilities. . It can be used in outdoor warehouses and other places.
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