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What are the specifications of the screw conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-31
03-21 15:56:06 Screw conveyor is a common type of conveying equipment, and its models are mainly divided into multiple types, so the editor will introduce the common specifications of screw conveyors, model: 1, screw conveyor The general classification of screw conveyors can be divided into three types from the conveying mode: horizontal conveying, vertical conveying, and inclined conveying. The screw conveyor can be divided into: shaft and non-shaft screw. Note: The shafted screw conveyor is suitable for conveying viscous and winding materials, such as cement, sludge, household garbage and other materials. Screw conveyors can be divided into tubular and U-shaped screw conveyors from the appearance structure. Note: The tube type is suitable for 60m ultra-long distance transportation, and can be horizontal, inclined, and vertical conveyors. The U-shaped screw loading conveyor can be fed and unloaded in the middle, and the operation is simple, but it is suitable for small inclination and small range transportation. 2. Common specifications and models 1) GX type screw conveyor GX type screw conveyor is an older screw loading conveyor equipment, it has two forms of single pipe and double pipe, suitable for horizontal transportation, the inclination angle cannot exceed 20°. It can transport some lumpy (small lumpy materials) such as wheat, corn, soybeans and other grains. Model: GX200, GX250, GX300, GX400, GX500, GX6002) LS type screw conveyor LS type screw conveyor is a substitute for GX type screw conveyor. Different from GX type, LS type screw conveyor has: tube type Different from the U-shaped screw conveyor, the LS-type screw conveyor can transport a wider range of materials on the basis of the GX type. Applicable to: material transportation in building materials, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, aluminum and magnesium, machinery and other industries. The conveying length of LS screw loading conveyor can reach 70 meters. Model: LS type screw conveyor takes the pipe diameter as the model: 100mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm and other models. 3) Shaftless screw conveyor (WLS type shaftless screw conveyor) Shaftless screw conveyor is an improvement on the basis of LS type screw conveyor. Due to the structure of the LS screw conveyor, some materials with viscous and winding properties cannot be conveyed. So there is a shaftless screw conveyor. Therefore, the shaftless screw conveyor has become a specialized conveyor for some viscous materials and materials with winding properties. Shaftless screw conveyor not only has a breakthrough in material, but also exceeds 1.5 times of LS type shaft screw in conveying capacity. And the single pipe conveying length has reached a conveying distance of 60 meters. Editor: For some common models of screw conveyors, the editor will end here.
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