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What are the six major components of a belt conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-23

The belt of the belt conveyor is the material carrier, the thickness and width can be customized, the belt is an important part of the belt conveyor. In addition to the belt, there are important parts of the belt conveyor, which can be summarized into six groups.

6 major components of belt conveyor

1. belt

It is used to transmit traction and hold the goods to be transported, generally using rubber belt or plastic belt;

2 、Support rollers

Support the conveyor belt and the material on the belt, reduce the sag of the conveyor belt, and make the conveyor belt run stably;

3. Driving device

The driving device of the belt conveyor generally consists of a motor, a coupling or a hydraulic coupling, a reducer, a transmission roller, etc., and the conveyor with an inclined section also needs to be based on demand Equipped with brakes or backstops.

4. Braking device

In the case of heavy load shutdown, in order to avoid the conveyor belt inclined upward in the transport of materials Reverse motion occurs under the action of weight, resulting in reverse reverse flow, and a braking device should be installed at the driving device according to the specific situation. Common ones are roller backstops, belt backstops, pad brakes, etc.

5. Tensioning device

The function of the tensioning device is to maintain the necessary initial tension of the conveyor belt to avoid the tension on the drive roller. Slip, and ensure that the conveyor belt between the two idlers has a suitable overhang. There are three types of tensioning devices: fixed type, heavy hammer type and automatic type.

6. Reversing device

Generally located at the end of the belt conveyor, through the transformation of different angles, to reduce the transport pressure of the belt .

The six main components of the belt conveyor cooperate with each other to jointly promote the normal operation of the equipment. No matter which link fails, it will cause damage to the normal operation of the equipment. Influence, maintenance of each component should be done in daily use.

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