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What are the precautions and installation procedures if you want to use the chain conveyor for a long time

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-16
If you want to use the chain loading conveyor for a long time, what are the precautions and installation procedures. I don’t know if you have heard of the installation and use of the chain loading conveyor. If you want to use the equipment for a long time, then everyone needs the best corresponding Daily maintenance work, and our staff will introduce the relevant content here. In fact, this kind of chain plate production line equipment is very convenient to clean, the line body can be directly washed with water, but you need to pay attention to the control of some parts , And it is not easy to wash with water, so as not to damage the internal parts of the chain loading conveyor, as well as electric shock and leakage. If you want the service life of the equipment to reach the maximum, then when the motor of the power part is used for one year After a while, you still need to change the oil in time to ensure that the motor is in the best condition. In addition, the rolling mill equipment manufacturer will also tell you here that when the equipment has a problem and needs to be repaired, it must be repaired by professionals. It is forbidden to operate by non-professionals, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses and equipment damage. Director of Technical Department of Lingxian Sunshine Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd.: Director Wang Tel: 13406782996
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