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What are the parameters of the stainless steel mesh belt high temperature furnace?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2023-03-09

What are the parameters of the stainless steel mesh belt high temperature furnace?

In the modern industrial production, the mesh belt furnace is widely used in the tempering and annealing industry of metal workpieces, and the stainless steel mesh belt plays a decisive role in the mesh belt furnace, and its quality directly determines the use of the mesh belt furnace Life and industriality of workpiece heat treatment. The composition and structure of the mesh belt furnace: the conveyor mesh belt transmission system constitutes the core of the mesh belt furnace. Only by ensuring high-quality conveyor mesh belt can the service life and transmission quality of the mesh belt transmission system be guaranteed. The core of the belt furnace is mainly because the mesh belt transmission system not only has the function of transmission, but also plays the role of high temperature resistance in the temperature control system.

The technical parameters of the mesh belt furnace are described as follows: The whole set of equipment is composed of three major departments: the furnace body, the metal conveyor belt transmission system and the temperature control system. The furnace body is composed of feeding section, pre-burning section, sintering section, slow cooling section, water cooling section and discharging section. The mesh belt transmission system is composed of high temperature resistant loading conveyor belt, transmission device and so on.

Stainless steel mesh belt

The operating speed can be adjusted by frequency converter; the temperature control system is composed of thermocouple, digital display intelligent PID regulator and thyristor to form a closed-loop control system, which can realize automatic and accurate temperature control. The heating element adopts FEC ceramic heating plate or Ceramic fever rod, temperature control system is controlled by multi-stage intelligent program temperature controller imported from Japan, data communication interface can be configured according to requirements, heat-resistant steel mesh with metal conveyor belt, and the design concept of large wrap angle tensioning wheel ensures stable product transportation.

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