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What are the installation methods of belt conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-04
Belt conveyors mainly transport goods from one location to another. In the middle of conveying, it can prevent the shrinking machine and packaging machine from completing a series of operations. So how much do you know about the installation method of belt conveyor? Next, let me give you a brief introduction. First, before installing the belt conveyor, you need to install 4 sets of deflection adjusting devices and steering rollers before and after installing the belt frame, and then install the drive equipment. (1) First, we should choose 10mm screws, first install the single-sided drive plate and install the drive roller. (2) Install the transmission board on the other side. (3) The second is to install the bearing on both ends of the driving roller, the bearing seat of the driving roller and the sprocket. (4) Then install the motor base (8mm×15 screws are generally used here) (5) When installing the belt conveyor, tighten the screws to ensure that the drive roller can rotate freely (6) Install the motor chain and the belt loading conveyor motor chain ( 7) Secondly, tighten the bolts of the motor base and install the chain at the same time. (8) When installing the pull-down rod between the outrigger and the outrigger, the height of the outrigger should be adjusted to ensure the plane height of the loading conveyor to meet the customer's requirements, and then the 1.5mm plate should be sealed. (9) After completing the above work, we need to turn on the power to test the machine and adjust the belt to prevent deviation. (10) When assembling the bearing, we should add grease. The above is a brief introduction to the installation method of the belt conveyor by the mechanical editor. I hope the above content can be helpful to you.
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