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What are the influencing factors of the price of shaftless screw conveyor? Which one is affordable

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-11
2018-05-26 14:20:54    Shaftless screw conveyor can handle many problems that general shaft screw conveyors can’t handle. For example, this kind of shaftless screw conveyor is needed in the treatment of dewatered sludge, because of the transportation The material is very viscous and simple to bond. Generally, the central axis of the screw conveyor will affect the movement of the material to form a blocking phenomenon. The shaftless screw loading conveyor uses a central shaftless screw. The screw uses high-performance cast steel or stainless steel. It is made of high strength by sex casting, and it can be used to transport materials similar to this type, perhaps materials containing many fibers, and it has great market competitiveness in terms of product price and scale of application. Factors affecting the price of shaftless screw conveyor 1. Length of screw conveyor: Generally, the length of the screw can range from 1-70m, and it can also be divided into horizontal conveying and angular conveying. Second, the choice of materials: the motor is divided into ordinary and Explosion-proof type, the shell is Q235 carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L, 310S, etc. Third, the choice of the manufacturer: whether it is a direct-selling manufacturer, if you do not have the production strength, you need to adjust the goods from other manufacturers, so the price is relatively high. There is no such factor for direct selling manufacturers. I have judged the manufacturer of the shaftless screw loading conveyor. The price of the product is a sensitive issue. Many users call directly to ask, how much is your shaftless screw conveyor. This question is really impossible for our staff. Answer, because there are too many element constraints, the shaftless screw conveyor is different from other standardized equipment. Most of the equipment used by users requires customized processing. The users are different about the transportation volume, the transportation distance, and the transportation materials. Will directly affect the price, so we only need to know what kind of shaftless screw loading conveyor you need in order to give a judged quotation. Henan Xinxiang Machinery Factory has been established for more than 20 years. It not only has relatively rich conveying production technology, but also selects high-quality raw materials in the production of equipment, which increases the service life of the equipment in production and facilitates the operation of users in production. After decades of unremitting efforts, the scale and strength of the manufacturer have been continuously enhanced, and the equipment produced by it is deeply loved by users in the market. Not only that, but the equipment produced by vibration machinery is also in terms of quality and after-sales service. Very guaranteed, can make users more efficient and continuous in production, and the price is more favorable.
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