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What are the high temperature resistant chain conveyors for forged parts

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-23
High temperature resistant chain conveyor for forgings: also called forging conveyor belts, conveyor belts, chain conveyors, chain conveyors, transmission racks, assembly lines, automated conveyor lines, and forging conveying machinery. We have developed four kinds of high-temperature resistant chain conveyors for forgings: hinge chain conveyors, flat-top chain chain conveyors, channel steel partition chain conveyors, and multi-piece chain conveyors. The forged parts chain loading conveyor can be made into horizontal straight conveying, lifting climbing, and turning. Chain conveyors are often used in the forging industry. It is no problem to convey high-temperature objects such as forgings and castings. The plate thickness is 3 mm. There are more chain plates with hinges, which can be customized. Forged parts chain conveyor can be used to transport high-temperature forged parts and forged parts with a high temperature of about 1250 degrees. The advantage of the forged parts conveyor is that it can convey high-temperature parts, without deformation, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, and smash resistance. The conveyor belt of the chain plate conveyor adopts a stainless steel chain plate specially for conveying high temperature forging parts, and the speed of the forging part conveyor is adjustable. , The adjustable range is from 0.025 meters to 60 meters per minute, the conveyor height is adjustable, generally the adjustable range is 15 cm. The technical parameters you need to know about the high temperature resistant chain loading conveyor for custom forged parts: 1. The length, width, height, and speed of the chain conveyor; 2. The weight, size, temperature, and shape of the conveying object; 3. The running speed of the conveyor belt, Adjustable range; 4. Conveying form: straight line, climbing, turning, hoisting, etc. More chain conveyors: turning chain conveyors, climbing chain conveyors, spiral chain conveyors
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