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What are the factors that cause the belt of the conveyor to deviate?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-11
In terms of the equipment itself, the frame has poor rigidity and large deformation under load; the outer cylinder of the roller has a large loss; the roller is insensitive to roll, causing uneven force on the two ends of the conveyor belt; the parallelism of the cylindrical axis between the rollers The fault is large; the quality of the loading conveyor belt itself is problematic, and the thickness is uneven, which causes a sensation during operation or the length of the two ends of the belt is inconsistent, causing the conveyor belt to deviate; and the joints of the conveyor belt are not parallel, and the connection fault is large. In terms of equipment adjustment, the vertical loss between the axis of the transmission and reversing rollers and the center line of the conveyor is large, and a large inclination occurs between the conveyor belt and the horizontal line during operation; the axis of the roller and the center line of the conveyor have a large vertical loss ; The connection between the frame and the ground is not strong enough, and the frame is unstable. The direction of the guide baffle equipment of the guide trough and the unloading trough is improper, and the uneven force on the two ends of the loading conveyor belt during operation will cause the deviation of the belt conveyor. In terms of operation and maintenance, the cleaning function of the cleaner is not good, and the outer diameter of the drum or roller is partially enlarged during use; the feeding port is not properly positioned, causing the material to be eccentrically loaded on the conveyor belt; improper maintenance and adjustment; about the wire rope core transportation Belt, due to the uneven force of the steel wire cores in the manufacturing process, the conveyor belt will deviate during operation, or the strength of the conveyor belt will be poor, and the elongation will be large after being loaded, causing vibration and deviation; the conveyor system will deviate during operation. Vibration can also cause deviation of the conveyor belt.
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