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What are the factors affecting the price of screw feeders?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-15
05-25 16:38:38 The price of screw feeder is affected by many factors. This article will mainly introduce you to the factors that affect the price of screw feeder: Factor 1: The larger the model, the more expensive the screw feeder It is mainly composed of tubular, U-shaped and shaftless screw feeders. Different types of screw feeders have different prices. For the same type of screw feeder, the larger the spiral pipe diameter, the greater the conveying capacity. , But the price will increase accordingly. Take the company as an example, in the case of the same type, design, and material, the price of the screw feeder will vary by 800 to 1,600 yuan for every difference in model. Factor two: Carbon steel is cheaper than stainless steel. Screw feeders can be divided into two types: carbon steel and stainless steel. Due to the difference in material costs between the two, carbon steel screw feeders are suitable for ordinary material conveying, and stainless steel screw feeders are mainly Used in conveyors, food, medicine, and other industries that have hygienic standards for the conveying environment, carbon steel materials will have a lower cost than stainless steel materials. The difference between the two different materials of screw feeders is about 600-1200 yuan. Factor 3: The longer the length, the more expensive the price. The screw feeder can be designed to be lengthened according to user needs. For every additional meter, the price of the screw feeder will increase by 500 to 1,300 yuan. Factor 4: Customized design depends on the actual situation. Different screw feeders can be designed according to the different needs of users, and these will lead to different production costs. The specific price needs to be determined according to the actual selection of users. The above are the factors affecting the price of screw conveyors sorted for you. The editor here needs to remind everyone that the selection of screw feeders should be based on the nature of the material. The type and length of screw conveyors should be selected according to the conveying volume and conveying distance. , If you have any questions about the selection, you can consult Xinxiang Machinery at any time, and we will answer it for you.
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