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What are the countermeasures for the wear of mobile conveyor hobbing

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-27
The gear hobbing of the mobile conveyor will wear out after long-term operation. Even some hobbing gears will experience serious wear after very few operations. If this happens frequently, we need to replace the hobbing gears of the mobile conveyor frequently. If things go on like this, the company will pay a lot of maintenance costs. This not only increases the cost, but also delays the work of the conveyor during machine maintenance and affects the normal conveying efficiency. In this way, finding a solution to the wear and tear of the mobile conveyor's hobbing appears to be urgent. The following machinery introduces several better solutions for gear hobbing wear of mobile conveyors. The first is that we can increase the hardness of the hobbing gear. That is, surfacing welding is performed on the surface of the gear hobbing to increase the wear resistance of the gear hobbing of the mobile conveyor. This method is a very common method and the most widely used method. This method not only saves time and effort, but also has a very significant effect. Then there is a more reasonable distribution of the high and low teeth of the mobile loading conveyor. In this way, the wear degree of the hobbing of the mobile conveyor can be reduced to the greatest extent. But this method needs to be installed or guided by professional personnel. Otherwise, it will not only not reduce the gear wear of the mobile conveyor, but also affect the normal transportation progress. There is also an enlargement of polishing and then surfacing welding at the wear position of the conveyor gear. At this time, we need to polish the surfacing part of the tooth plate and use a DC welding machine for surfacing. Of course, the degree of surfacing welding also has certain requirements, and these also require professional personnel to operate. You have any questions about the use of mobile conveyors, please feel free to call us, and we will provide you with a very detailed answer.
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