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What are the correct operating procedures for belt conveyors?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-10
Belt conveyors can convey bulk goods. Compared with products that are lighter in load, a series of problems may also occur during operation, such as loose belts. What should I do? What should I do if there is noise in the bearing? In addition, there is material accumulation in the gap between the spiral blade and the shell, which hinders the use of the conveyor, what should I do? These frequently-occurring problems are prone to misunderstandings in operation. Therefore, if you want to avoid these problems, you need to start the operation under the correct operation process. The following editor will explain in detail for you.    Belt conveyor operation process:     ⒈Before starting, adjust the tightness of the reducer, the buckle should be firm, and the transmission components such as bearings, gears, and chains should be intact.    The support wheel and protection device should be complete, and the electrical grounding (zero) is zero. After protection, the width of the conveyor belt and the roller should be the same.    ⒉Before operating the mobile belt conveyor, the traveling wheels should be symmetrically wedged in the triangular wood. The fixed belt conveyor should be installed on a solid foundation.    ⒊ should start without load first. After normal operation, it can be evenly loaded. It must not be started after loading.    ⒋In the process of operation, attention should be paid to the operation of the machine. If you find that the conveyor belt is loose or deviated, stop and adjust or repair it.     It is strictly forbidden to carry out maintenance and adjustment during operation. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to pass through the conveyor belt under the belt conveyor or pass through the belt conveyor.    ⒌When transporting bulk materials, protective devices, such as baffles or fences, should be installed on both sides of the conveyor belt. When it is necessary to stop the machine during operation, the charging should be stopped first, and then the material can be stopped after unloading the material.    ⒍If there is a sudden power failure or other reasons, the power should be cut off immediately, and then the material on the belt should be removed. After calling or troubleshooting, turn on the power and start operation. Before parking, you must first contact the relevant parties, and then remove the material on the conveyor belt.    ⒎After shutting down, the power should be cut off, the power switch box should be locked, and all parts of the machine should be maintained. Cover the motor with a rain cover. The correct operation steps of the belt loading conveyor are related to the conveying conditions of the belt conveyor. These vital details cannot be ignored. From starting up, running to shutting down, such an operation process is simple to talk about, but there are still many operations. Pay attention to the existence of details. The above is about the types for you. If you have some inquiries about belt conveyors, please contact our online customer service in time, or you can directly call our contact information to place an order if you have an order.
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