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What are the conveying methods of the conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-04
is a kind of friction-driven machinery that transports materials in a continuous manner. It can transport both broken materials and finished items. The transport operation of the machine is carried out in accordance with a certain method. Commonly used transport There are three methods as follows:    1. Gravity sliding down method: The spiral speed of the loading conveyor is low, and the material on the spiral surface is affected by gravity far more than the centrifugal force. Because the spiral rotates the material continuously slides down the spiral surface, so Produce axial displacement.  2. Pushing method: This method is used for the unloading and conveying screw at the bottom of the silo. The material is often filled with the screw, and the static pressure of the granular material is relatively large. The gravity of each material is much smaller than other forces. 3. Centrifugal induction method: used for vertical spiral conveyors with steep slopes, or any screw conveyors with higher speeds. Its working characteristic is that the material filling volume is between two types. Under the high speed of the screw, Loose materials are far more affected by centrifugal force than other external forces such as gravity.   The above three conveying methods of conveyors are applied in different fields. In actual production, we can choose the appropriate conveying method according to our own use environment and the type of material being conveyed.
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