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What are the connection methods of belt conveyor belt

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-07
If the conveyor belt on the belt conveyor is to be connected into an endless conveyor belt, there must be a joint. For long-distance belt conveyors, the conveyor belt is too long to be transported. Generally, it is also made into a section of 100-200m. After it is transported to the destination Then assemble it. There is a connection problem with the loading conveyor belt. The connection quality of the conveyor belt is one of the most important factors affecting the service life of the loading conveyor belt. The connection method of plastic conveyor belt is divided into plasticized connection and mechanical connection, while the steel cord conveyor belt adopts vulcanization bonding method. The connection method of rubber conveyor belt can be divided into mechanical connection and vulcanization glue connection. 1. Plasticized connection method. Plasticized joint is to remove the plastic covering layer at the joint part of the plastic conveyor belt, and then disassemble the cores and tie them up and down. Covered with plastic and heated under pressure. The strength of the plasticized joint reaches 75%-80% of the strength of the belt core, which can prevent corrosion caused by the exposure of the belt core. 2. Mechanical connection method There are many forms of mechanical connection. The common ones are hook-and-hook connection and belt buckle connection. The strength of mechanical joint is 35%-40% of the strength of the conveyor belt. The exposed core is easily corroded. It is suitable for occasions where the length of the loading conveyor is small, non-corrosive materials are transported, and the maintenance time is short. 3. Vulcanization bonding method The strength of this joint can reach 85%-90% of the strength of the rubber conveyor belt, and it can prevent the belt core from corroding. The belt has a longer life and is the preferred connection method. When installing the belt conveyor belt, pay attention to the diagonal direction of the joint, so as to prevent the cleaner or unloader from scratching the joint, and the correct joint diagonal. I hope to be helpful.
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