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What are the common faults of conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-03
1. Common faults: the motor cannot start or slows down immediately after starting. Failure analysis: a line failure; b voltage drop; C contactor failure; d continuous operation within 1.5 seconds. Treatment method: check the circuit; check the voltage; check the overloaded electrical appliances; reduce the number of operations. 2. Common fault: motor heating; analysis of the cause of the fault: due to overload, overlength or jamming of the loading conveyor belt, the running resistance increases, and the motor runs overloaded; due to poor lubrication conditions of the transmission system, the power of the motor increases; the motor fan enters Dust accumulates in the tuyere or radial heat sink, which deteriorates the heat dissipation condition. Treatment method: measure the power of the motor, find out the cause of overload operation, and treat it symptomatically; add lubrication to each transmission part in time; remove dust. 3. Common faults: when full load, the fluid coupling cannot transmit the rated torque. Analysis of the cause of the fault: the fluid coupling is insufficient in oil. Treatment method: refueling (when dual motors are driven, the two motors must be measured with an ammeter. The power tends to be consistent by investigating the amount of oil filling.) 4. Common faults: the reducer is overheated. Cause analysis: too much or too little oil in the reducer ; The oil has been used for too long; the lubrication conditions have deteriorated and the bearings have been damaged. Treatment method: inject oil according to the prescribed amount; clean the interior, change the oil in time, repair or replace the bearings, and improve the lubrication conditions.
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