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What are the classification standards of mobile conveyors according to traction classification

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-27
Machinery, as an old factory with 20 years of production experience, is industry-leading in the production and technology of mobile conveyors. This is reflected in the distribution of our customers. Up to now, our customers are distributed all over the country and even overseas. All these prove the excellent quality and good reputation of machinery. Moreover, our machinery adheres to the concept of 'integrity-based, pursuit of excellenceSo when it comes to professionalism, we don't need to be humble. Twenty years of production and operation experience is the best testimony. We have a deep understanding of all kinds of mobile conveying machinery. Therefore, it is also very comprehensive to understand the type of mobile conveying machinery. There are many classification methods for mobile conveyors. Today, we will classify and summarize mobile conveyors according to whether they have traction or not, to help everyone have a clearer understanding of this classification standard. First, the mobile loading conveyor is divided into two types with traction and no traction according to this classification standard. Let us carefully explain the difference between the two mobile conveyors. Mobile conveyors with traction parts generally include traction parts, load-bearing components, driving devices, tensioning devices, redirecting devices and supports. Using traction parts to transfer traction Now let's talk about the mobile conveyor without traction parts. Its structural feature is to use the rotating motion or reciprocating motion of the working components, or use the flow of the medium in the pipeline to transport the material forward. Below we give two relatively simple examples to help you understand this kind of mobile conveyor. For example, the roller moving loading conveyor uses the rotation of the roller to transport the material without the traction part. In addition, spiral and litigation machines also use spiral blades to continuously operate in the mobile conveyor to enable materials to be transported. The vibrating mobile conveyor conveys materials through continuous vibrating operation. Therefore, not all mobile conveyors need to be equipped with traction components, and some mobile conveyors require some but do not. This should be decided according to the specific situation, such as the material being conveyed, the conveying length, the conveying site and so on. So when you choose a mobile loading conveyor, don't blindly think that only the parts with more functions are good. Maybe there are many functions of the machine that you don't need, and long-term inactivity may damage it or even affect the normal use of other functions. Mechanical professional to build your own conveying equipment. Tailored for you, just to make it more convenient for you to use.
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