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What are the classification and characteristics of conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-05

Conveyors are generally classified according to whether or not there are traction elements. Conveyors with traction elements generally include traction elements, bearing members, driving devices, tensioning devices, redirecting devices, and supports.

The traction member is used to transmit the traction force, which can be a conveyor belt, a traction chain or a wire rope; the bearing member is used to hold the material, and there are hoppers, brackets or spreaders etc.; the driving device powers the conveyor, which is generally composed of a motor, a reducer and a brake (stopper), etc.; the tensioning device generally has two types: screw type and heavy hammer type, which can maintain a certain tension and sag of the traction member. , to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor; the supporting parts are used to support the traction parts or bearing members, and rollers, rollers, etc. can be used.

The structural feature of a loading conveyor with a tractor is that the conveyed material is installed in a bearing member connected with the tractor, or directly mounted on the tractor (such as conveying the material). On the belt), the tractor is connected end to end around each roller or sprocket, forming a closed loop including the loaded branch that transports the material and the unloaded branch that does not transport the material, and uses the continuous movement of the tractor to transport the material.

There are many kinds of conveyors, mainly belt conveyors, slat conveyors, escalators, moving walks, scraper conveyors, bucket elevators machine and aerial ropeway, etc.

The structure and composition of conveyors without traction parts are different, and the working components used to convey materials are also different. Their structural features are: using the rotary motion or reciprocating motion of the working member, or using the flow of the medium in the pipeline to transport the material forward.

For example, the working member of the roller conveyor is a series of rollers, and the rollers rotate to convey the material; the working member of the screw conveyor is a screw, and the screw is in the material. The trough is rotated to push the material along the trough; the working component of the vibrating conveyor is the trough, and the trough reciprocates to transport the materials placed in it.

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