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What are the characteristics of stainless steel chain conveyor and maintenance work

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-09-01
Stainless steel chain loading conveyor is one of the key conveying equipment for manufacturing enterprises. Chain conveyors are commonly used in the production and processing of food, daily necessities, hardware, electric energy, agricultural and sideline food, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages. Compared with traditional loading conveyor lines, there are many advantages. The stainless steel chain loading conveyor has a large turning angle, convenient cleaning and convenient maintenance. It has the characteristics of high compressive strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance and salt resistance. In summary, the chain conveyor is widely used in automobile manufacturing, logistics industry, beverage industry, food industry manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical packaging manufacturing industry, daily chemical manufacturing industry, etc. In actual use of the stainless steel chain conveyor, the chain link is often slightly larger than the conveying chain, and the wear is more serious, so the chain link has become the weak point in the entire conveying chain. Its main damage forms are severe wear, fracture, and pull apart. The main reasons are:   1, long-term pulsating load, fatigue damage;   2, the connecting pin or bolt loosens and falls off, and the supplement is not found in time, causing the chain link Uneven force or pull support;  3. After the chain is jammed, a large dynamic load and impact load will be generated, which will cause instantaneous huge fluctuations in the movement speed of the transmission chain, which will make the transmission chain run unsteady, thereby accelerating the wear or breakage of the chain link  4. For the vertical ring, unilateral wear is more serious. If it is not replaced in time, it is prone to fracture; 5. The manufacturing quality is poor, wear resistance or toughness is low, or fatigue cracks occur due to stress concentration, which leads to strength insufficient. The damage to the connecting ring of the chain conveyor is roughly caused by the above five reasons. This requires companies to perform regular maintenance of the equipment when using the chain conveyor, and immediately deal with the problem when it is found.
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