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What are the characteristics of belt conveyer

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-13
Do you know what advantage belt conveyor? Have you ever know? Belt conveyor is convenient for people's life, reduce the workload of people.

( 1) Belt conveyor transmission Angle is big, the biggest can reach 90 & deg; , is an ideal equipment to transport of large dip Angle and vertical. So you can save area, save equipment investment and construction cost, obtain good comprehensive economic benefit. ( 2) Simple structure. As mentioned earlier, the main components are common with general belt conveyor, bring convenience to use and maintenance. ( 3) Reliable operation. Often appear no buried scraper conveyor, disconnection of chain and chain, and the bucket elevator, off the bucket of a spin occur frequently. Its reliability and usually almost equal belt conveyor. ( 4) Smooth operation, low noise. ( 5) Because there is no charge at the time of the digging resistance and runtime friction materials for external and internal friction resistance, so the energy consumption is small. In southern shandong chemical fertilizer plant, for example, the use of two sets of hoisting height of 19. 28 m, the conveying capacity is 25 t/h of the vertical guard crushed coal conveyor, its each installed power only 4 kw, and replaced by their four sets of the total installed power of the original buried scraper conveyer for 44 kw. ( 6) Vertical penal machine also can be set in the nose and tail of arbitrary length horizontal conveying section, easy to interface with other equipment
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