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What are the applications and characteristics of roller conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-30

Roller conveyors are characterized by connection and transition, and can be operated in uninterrupted production lines. In order to meet the needs of various environments, multiple roller lines can be combined with other machinery and equipment, so that a complex logistics conveying system can be formed. .

Roller loading conveyor is suitable for conveying objects with flat bottom, such as various boxes, bags, pallets, etc. If the quantity is large and it is long-term, the conveying roller loading conveyor can greatly improve the work High efficiency, the roller conveyor has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, fast speed, light operation, and can realize multi-variety collinear and diverted conveying. What are the material and diameter of the rollers of the roller loading conveyor?

Classification of roller conveyors

From the driving form, it is divided into powered, unpowered, electric rollers, etc. Inclined and curved conveyors.

Characteristics Summary

1. The roller conveyor is suitable for conveying all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets, etc. Bulk materials, small items or irregular items need to be placed Conveyed on pallets or in totes.

2. The roller conveyor can transport a single piece of material with a large weight, or bear a large impact load.

3. Various structures, roller conveyors can be divided into power roller lines and non-power roller lines according to the driving mode, and can be divided into horizontal conveying roller lines, inclined conveying roller lines and turning conveying according to the layout. Roller line. It can also be specially designed according to customer requirements to meet the various requirements of various customers.

4. It is easy to connect and transition between roller lines. Multiple roller lines and other conveying equipment or special planes can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system to complete various process needs.

5. The accumulation and release roller can be used to realize the accumulation and transportation of materials.

6. Simple structure and high reliability.

In short, roller conveyors are widely used in assembly line operations. They have a wide range of applications and involve all walks of life on the market. They are an indispensable member of the national heavy machinery and equipment.

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