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What are the advantages of the machined screw of the belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-29
Compared with ordinary screw manufacturing methods, the screw produced by the machining process of the mechanical belt conveyor machinery equipment uses a simple rotary tool bar milling cutter, which has a cutting efficiency many times higher than that of a screw processed by a forming tool; The machining screw uses a standard tool. Under the numerical control of the program, the machining of different screw profiles can be realized. It is convenient to change the screw types and specifications, the processing flexibility is good, and the tool specifications used are small; the meshing accuracy of the machining on the working surface is very high. High, with better performance. The advantage of the screw of the belt loading conveyor mechanical equipment machining process is that only one side is processed at a time during production, the bending moment of the tool shaft is relatively small, the deformation rate of the tool shaft is relatively low, and the processed screw is precise The degree is very high. After the tool is worn, it can be sharpened and reused. This processing method is a new generation of current processing methods developed based on CNC, computer, inspection and other technologies. The use of CNC processing procedures and the flexibility of the tool can produce a variety of models and sizes of screws, which can be more applied in A variety of high-volume production. Even in the manufacturing process of the machined screw, there will inevitably be certain errors, such as tooth profile error, geometrical size error, transmission chain error and mechanical system error, etc. When the machined screw is in use, the screw The deformation in the screw groove engages the cloud top, so that the screw and other accessories can also mesh with no gap, and the error of the screw itself is eliminated. Therefore, the completely enveloping surface of the spiral groove surface of the machined screw is working The meshing precision of the surface is relatively high, and the profile line is relatively accurate, which can effectively mesh with the spiral groove surface of the screw, reducing the wear between the screw and the accessories, thereby better prolonging the service life of the machined screw, and more Effectively help to improve the performance of the machined screw.
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