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What are the advantages of imported conveyor equipment and how are they different from domestic ones?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-07-30

In the past few years, when many users choose conveyor equipment, they will choose some imported loading conveyor equipment. Because at that time, the domestic industry was not very developed, and the gap with some foreign crafts was still relatively large. Therefore, at that time, when many users chose conveyor equipment, they would give priority to some imported conveyor equipment for use. Indeed, at that time, the imported conveyor equipment from abroad was indeed better, and it was indeed much more stable to use than the domestic loading conveyor equipment! However, in terms of price, it is indeed a lot more expensive!

In recent years, with the continuous development of the domestic economy, many enterprises are also Continuous breakthroughs have been made in the production process of the equipment. In this process, many domestic enterprises have been eliminated, and the enterprises that persisted in the end have undergone process improvement. After experiencing so many hardships, conveyor equipment manufacturers can now say that they have a very mature conveyor equipment production process.

Compared with foreign conveyor equipment, there may be a little A small gap, but only on some very high-end conveyor equipment. At present, the quality of most of the domestic conveyor equipment has been made to meet the actual needs of domestic production. Moreover, the price is indeed much more favorable, so many domestic manufacturers now directly choose domestic loading conveyor equipment for use.

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