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What are the accessories and materials of the belt conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-16

Common conveyor belt repair materials are: cold adhesive SK313, repair strips, repair sheets, wear-resistant flat rubber plates, wear-resistant diamond rubber plates, repair surface glue, hot vulcanizing agent STL-HS, joint core glue, joint Gum etc. It can not only be used for the transportation of ordinary materials, but also the transportation of materials that meet special requirements such as oil resistance, corrosion resistance and antistatic.

The type of conveyor belt used by the belt conveyor depends on the items to be conveyed and is determined according to the actual use of the customer. The commonly used rubber belts and Two kinds of plastic belts. The rubber belt is suitable for working environment temperature -15 ~
40°C. The temperature of the material should not exceed 50°C. If the temperature exceeds 50°C, the manufacturer should be informed when ordering. High temperature resistant conveyor belts can be used. The inclination angle of upward conveying bulk materials is 12°~
24°. Skirt belts can be used for large-angle conveying. Plastic belts have the advantages of oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, etc., but they have poor adaptability to climate, and are easy to slip and age. Why does the belt conveyor deviate? How to deal with

The conveyor belt is driven by the drive roller to convey the material. The conveyor belt is supported by a set of horizontal brackets, V-rollers or flat plates. belts can be food grade and non-food grade PVC loop nylon conveyor belts or rubber belts. The conveyor belt has the characteristics of lightness and durability, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and convenient use. The chassis can be lifted and fixed. The loading conveyor belt can be conveyed horizontally or obliquely. Alternate materials can be carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloys. What are the material and diameter of the rollers of the roller conveyor?

In order to ensure the cleanliness and durability of the belt, a specially designed belt sweeper and belt quick tensioning device can be added to this type of equipment. Various baffles, chutes and overflow pans need to be installed on the loading conveyor, as well as various printing and testing equipment on the equipment.

This series of equipment can not only transport bulk materials, but also pack bags, bags, boxes, etc. Packaging machinery and conveying machinery can be said to be an indispensable link in the production of large-scale products. The product is transported to the junction of the packaging machine through the conveyor line before packaging, and then it is packaged. This produces a shaped product. That's right.

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