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What appliances assembly line accessories

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-29
Haven't share with you about the knowledge of the assembly line, close to see everyone interested in home appliance assembly line what accessories, in order to be able to help you solve this problem, the following electrical appliances assembly line workers to introduce for you what are the accessories: home appliance assembly line unpowered roller: the main purpose of the unpowered roller by artificial push goods to achieve the purpose of transfer goods, with manually driven conveyor belt or change its direction of cylindrical component, is one of the drum, is the main conveying equipment accessories. Anti-static rubber: anti-static rubber is also called the anti-static table MATS, anti-static rubber sheet, antistatic mat, etc. Anti-static rubber mainly use resistance ( Guide) Electrostatic material and static dissipative material synthetic rubber and other skills. Commonly used for 2 mm double composite structure, surface layer is about 0. 5 mm thick layer of dissipation of static electricity, the bottom is about 1. 5 mm thick conductive layer. Bales rubber roller, rubber roller is the important part in conveying transportation system and components, rubber roller bag can effectively improve the operation of the transmission system, protect metal drum from the wear and tear, avoid skidding of conveyor belt, roller and belt synchronous operation. The classification of the electric drum, electric drum there are four basic methods. Namely according to the motor cooling way, adopted by reducer drive structure types, basic working environment characteristics and motor electric drum drum in the several ways of categorizing electric drum. Home appliance assembly line, what are the parts to introduce the first here, home appliance assembly line actually applied parts is far more than what is said above, not to introduce the specific, if you want to learn more knowledge about this aspect of the assembly line, can continue to focus on our website.
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