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What about YiFan production equipment?
As technology, engineering, and manufacturing trends change every day, this drives Ningbo YiFan Conveyor Equipment Co.,Ltd to update ourselves in many aspects including investing in the introduction of top-of-the-line equipment. Our production equipment features high automation and fast working speed, which can help save production time and improve production precision. Additionally, the utilization of old equipment, even when well maintained, may cause certain safety risks. Purchasing new equipment can keep the workplace safe and sound. More importantly, it can make us compete more effectively in the marketplace.

YiFan has gained the market recognized sushi conveyor belt manufacturing strength based on years of experience and expertise. The flexible conveyor series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Containing no filament that will easily burn out even in low temperature, the product will not get especially hot during its operation, thus, it ensures long operational life. It makes the parcels unloading directly from vehicles to warehouses very convenient. Except for providing better protection for the merchandise, it always gets the attention of clients. And that's the reasons why one need to use this product for their brands. It can be widely seen in logistics, ports, docks, stations, airports, etc.

YiFan will fully prepare for the company's industrial layout and strategic development of the brand. Inquiry!
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