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Ways to use belt conveyors correctly

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-21
Today, the machinery is going to tell you about the correct use of belt conveyors. In fact, the correct use of belt conveyors is not a problem that should be paid attention to when using belt conveyors. There are many small problems that may be ignored inadvertently. However, the accumulation of these small problems for a long time may cause us very serious losses, so we must pay attention to the following points in normal times: 1. Check whether the tape and joints are damaged before driving. If there is damage, repair it in time. ; Check whether the fixed part is loose. If there is any looseness, fasten it in time; at the same time, check whether the upper and lower rollers are damaged or fall off. If so, replace it in time. This is very important, not only a mechanical issue, but also a personal safety issue. 2. To load the belt conveyor, firstly, evenly feed the material, and secondly, to prevent deflection or overload, pay attention to whether the unloading position of the unloading place is in the center of the belt cross section, if not, adjust it in time. 3. When the loading conveyor belt is found to be off-track, it should be adjusted in time to prevent Zhongda from blanking and tearing the loading conveyor belt. 4. Try to avoid starting the belt conveyor with full load to prevent the motor from burning out. 5. The belt conveyor is not allowed to run idling for a long time when there is no material. 6. Strictly prevent all metal objects from being loaded on the conveyor belt, which will block the warehouse or break the conveyor belt. 7. Prevent the conveyor belt from being contaminated with a large amount of grease or hanging on a large amount of ice and snow, which will cause the conveyor belt to slip or deviate. 8. Excessive tension or excessive slack of the conveyor belt is not allowed to sag (the maximum sag should be less than 25mm). 9. When multiple conveyors are connected in series, each conveyor should be started in order from the discharge end first, and the order of stopping when stopping is reverse to when starting. 10. During normal parking, you must unload the materials before driving. Therefore, despite the fact that the belt loading conveyor may be very simple to operate, there are still many points to pay attention to. This provides a great guarantee for us to avoid some unnecessary losses.
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