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Ways to solve the noise generated by belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-27
2012-10-12 09:47:03 The noise generated when using belt loading conveyor to transport materials can not see what kind of damage to the conveyor during the interruption, but as the use time increases, it will cause some failures, and the product noise is mainly It is due to the noise when the conveyor roller is severely eccentric, the two shafts of the coupling are not concentric, and the abnormal noise of the reversing roller and the driving roller. When using the loading conveyor, the roller often produces abnormal noise. The return roller has a large length and the noise is relatively large. The noise is mainly due to the uneven wall thickness of the steel pipe used to make the roller. The centrifugal force generated is large. The deviation between the center of the end bearing hole and the center of the outer circle is large, which makes the centrifugal force excessive, and can be used continuously when the bearing is not damaged and noise is allowed. The abnormal noise emitted at the coupling between the high-speed end motor and the reducer of the drive device will also vibrate with the rotation of the motor. The position of the motor reducer should be adjusted in time to avoid the input shaft of the reducer The noise is very small when the reversing roller and the driving roller are working normally. If there is too much noise, it means that the bearing has been damaged, and the bearing should be updated in time.
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