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Water spray device must be installed at the transfer point of screw conveyor for mine

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-26
In recent years, coal mine safety accidents have occurred from time to time. There are many reasons. The underground equipment has not installed safety devices in accordance with the requirements, and the safety measures of the development company are not in place. Screw conveyor is the conveying equipment in coal mine production, we should take all safety measures.   Therefore, we have to improve the safety level of coal mines to ensure the safety of our construction. There are some strict inspection basis and requirements. Coal mining should be avoided in alleyways. Air flow purification water curtains should be installed. Coal bunker, coal caving hole, screw loading conveyor loading and unloading points, as well as ground screening plants, crushing workshops, reloading points, etc., must be installed Spray device or dust collector. Therefore, the reload point of the screw conveyor used in the mine must be equipped with a water spray device.
How to extend the service life of mine vibrating screen
How to extend the service life of the mine vibrating screen? Reasonable use can extend the life of the equipment. Before starting up, check the oil level on both sides of the equipment. Too high oil level will cause the exciter temperature to rise or operation difficulties, and too low oil level will cause premature damage to the bearing ground; check the tightness of all bolts, and at the beginning After working for 8 hours, tighten it again; check the tension of the V-belt to prevent slipping during starting or work, and ensure the alignment of the V-belt wheel; ensure that there is a small gap between all moving parts and fixed objects; the screen should be Start under the condition of no load. Feeding can only start after the screen runs smoothly. Feeding should be stopped before stopping, and the machine should be stopped after the material on the screen surface is drained; the feeding chute should be as close as possible to the feeding end. And try to distribute the feed evenly along the full width of the sieve, and its direction is consistent with the running direction of the material on the screen surface, so as to obtain a good screening effect; the large drop between the feeding point and the screen surface is not more than 500mm to ensure that the material has a small impact on the screen surface. ; When the exciter rotates in the direction of the material flow, increasing the material running speed can increase the production capacity, but reduce the screening efficiency; when the exciter rotates against the direction of the material flow, the material running speed is reduced, the production capacity is reduced, and the efficiency can be improved. Sub-efficiency. Reasonable use of the sieve and careful maintenance will extend the service life of the sieve.
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