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Vulcanization overlap of steel cord conveyor belt of mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-22
Mobile conveyor wire rope core conveyor belt is a relatively common kind of mobile conveyor belt. We also mentioned the wire rope core in the previous article. Today, let’s take a closer look at the wire rope core and take a look at the vulcanization of the wire rope core conveyor belt. The connection method and operation steps help everyone to have a certain understanding of this more professional vulcanization overlap method. (1) Fabrication of the joint of the steel cord loading conveyor belt. Cut all the mesh wires at the head and scrape off the adhesive on the surface. Use an angle grinder to beat the steel cord conveyor belt at the root of the steel wire into a slope, about 100mm wide, and then Grind 150mm outward along the slope, remove the surface of the original steel wire rope core loading conveyor belt and rough it up. Use 120# gasoline to clean the steel wire and polished surface. (2) Laying of the steel cord conveyor belt of the mobile conveyor and the overlap of the steel wire: First, lay a clean plastic film on the surface of the lower heating plate, and then lay a layer of rubber material to make the rubber material match the inclined surfaces of the joints at both ends. Then lap the steel wire as required and apply the glue to ensure that the glue is applied evenly and evenly. Lay the rubber material again to make the rubber material coincide with the inclined surfaces at both ends, and a layer of plastic film is laid on it to complete the laying of the steel cord conveyor belt joints and the lap joints of the steel wires. (3) Installation of the vulcanizer of the mobile conveyor   ①The lower frame is placed so that the ends are aligned, and the center line of the frame is aligned with the center line of the steel cord conveyor belt. Then place the water pressure plate, the pressure transfer plate, the lower vulcanization plate, and the vulcanization plate based on the center line of the working surface and aligned with the center line of the steel cord conveyor belt.  ②After the glued parts of the steel cord conveyor belt are manufactured according to the process, clamp the two sides of the glued parts with irons.  ③ Then place the vulcanized board, the water pressure board, and the upper heat insulation board in sequence, and finally place the rack on the rack. It is required that the center line of the working surface is aligned with the center line of the steel cord conveyor belt, and the connecting bolts are installed and tightened one by one.  ④ After the vulcanizer is tightened, connect the high-pressure water pipe, the wire plug and the pressure pump respectively. (4) Vulcanization operation    ① After you are ready, perform a careful inspection of each part, and after confirming that there is no problem, you can send power to the vulcanizer for vulcanization.  ②The setting temperature of the heating power supply is 140~150°, when the vulcanization starts, the water pressure is pressurized to 1Mpa.  ③When the vulcanization is heated to 100°, continue to pressurize to 1.4Mpa.  ④ When the temperature rises to 140~145°, start to keep warm for 20 minutes.  ⑤After the heat preservation time is reached, the vulcanization ends. When it is naturally cooled to 60°, disassemble the equipment to complete the vulcanization of the steel cord conveyor belt. This kind of more professional mobile conveyor belt vulcanization overlap method generally requires professionals to operate. Our team’s certain understanding can also help us to understand the steel cord conveyor belt, which is more conducive to our understanding of its performance. Carry out appropriate maintenance to extend the service life of the conveyor. Reduce the maintenance cost of the conveyor. It is also one of the standards for inspecting qualified conveyor installers.
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