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Vibration conveyor performance and principle advantages

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-12
2021-02-25 09:18:27 The working performance and principle advantages of the vibrating loading conveyor link address: http://www.hnshusongji.com/xwdt131.html The vibrating conveyor is composed of driving parts, excitation parts and troughs. When conveying materials, the driving parts provide power, and the exciting parts will make regular reciprocating motions, forcing the chute to make horizontal, vertical or circular spatial compound movements. The materials in the chute are affected by the vibration of the chute, and slide or Throwing to complete the upward or downward conveying operation. The conveyor has a small volume, a small floor area, and good process layout characteristics. It can be designed according to the needs of users and can adapt to a relatively small working environment. The vibrating loading conveyor has high working efficiency, low power consumption, and more materials are thrown in the trough, the friction between the trough is relatively small, and the wear on the trough is small. The loading conveyor has low operating cost, simple structure, convenient installation, easy use and maintenance, flexible material conveying direction, can convey materials up and down, and can convey materials vertically and obliquely. It is suitable for all kinds of powder, small block and granular materials with low viscosity, such as grain, sand and stone. Vibrating conveyors can cool and dry materials during the conveying process, and are widely used in food, medicine, chemicals, mining, metallurgy, construction, machinery and other fields.
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