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Vibrating conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-27
The main features of the vibrating conveyor: The vibrating loading conveyor is a machine that uses vibration to complete material transportation. It has the following characteristics: 1. It can feed and discharge at multiple points during transportation; it can be quantitatively fed, metered, and batched. 2. Good sealing performance can prevent the material from polluting the environment, and also prevent the environment from polluting the material. Therefore, it can transport harmful, toxic materials and materials that need to be protected. 3. Adapt to the transportation of hot materials. When air cooling is used, materials at 500°C can be conveyed; when circulating water cooling is used, materials below 1000°C can be conveyed. 4. Processes such as dehydration, drying, cooling, screening, heating, heat preservation, and mixing can be realized while conveying. 5. Simple structure, easy manufacture, convenient installation and adjustment, low maintenance workload, low energy consumption and safe operation. 6. The vibrating loading conveyor is not suitable for conveying viscous and wet materials; the upward conveying inclination angle should not exceed 10 degrees. Application scope The vibrating conveyor is suitable for conveying lump, powder and granular materials, such as chemical raw materials and products, food, glass raw materials, ore, mineral powder, coal rock, molding sand, etc. The vibrating conveyor can also lift bulk materials or small parts vertically.
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