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Vertical moving conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-21
The vertical moving conveyor has a wide range of conveying, not only can convey powder, granular and block materials, the vertical moving conveyor has a wide range of conveying, strong conveying capacity, and a wide range of conveying. In daily life, we also understand the characteristics of some vertical moving conveyors. In order to be better familiar with the performance characteristics of vertical moving conveyors, we have summarized some detailed information of vertical moving conveyors for your further understanding. The vertical moving conveyor uses a vibration motor as the vibration source, and uses the combined amplitude of the two vibration motors to transport the material upwards along the spiral conveying groove. The vertical mobile conveyor has simple structure, easy maintenance, quantitative delivery of materials, and continuously adjustable conveying volume. It can be used for vertical conveying of small particles in various industries. Vertical moving conveyor is a new type of vertical vibration conveying equipment, which is widely used in metallurgy, coal, building materials, food, machinery, medicine, food and other industries. It is used for vertical lifting operations of powdery and granular materials, and the loading conveyor can also perform drying and cooling operations on the materials. The vertical moving conveyor can continuously convey materials vertically, so that continuous conveyors at different heights can maintain a short material conveying. It can also be said that the vertical moving conveyor is an important equipment to connect the conveyor system between different floors into a larger continuous conveyor system. Structure and working principle: Use four closed chains/timing belts to drive, and install a certain number of load-bearing plates on the chain/timing belts at intervals. The transmission chain/timing belt drives the load-bearing plates to complete the entry, lift, exit and return of the box. A repeating cycle step, the entrance of the box is equipped with an automatic control roller conveyor line for the box, which is used to intermittently enter the box with the lifting host. The vibration motor of the driving device of the vertical moving loading conveyor is installed in the lower part of the conveying tower. Two vibration motors are installed symmetrically and crosswise. The conveying tower is composed of a pipe body and a spiral conveying groove welded around the pipe body. The conveying tower is seated on a vibration damping device to reduce The vibration device is composed of a base and a vibration isolation spring. When the vertical moving conveyor is working, according to the principle of self-synchronization of the double vibration motors, the vibration motor generates the exciting force to force the entire conveyor tower to perform horizontal circular motion and upward vertical motion spatial compound vibration, and the material in the spiral groove is conveyed The function of the trough is to make a uniform throwing circular motion and move upward along the conveying trough body to complete the upward (or downward) conveying operation of the material. Features of the vertical moving loading conveyor: 1. Small footprint, convenient for process layout. 2. When the continuous vertical hoist is working, the return stroke of the shelf does not occupy the work cycle, and the conveying efficiency is high, and it is not affected by the high speed of conveying. 3. Only box samples can be transported, and the material has a minimum size limit. 4. It saves electric energy, and the trough wears little. 5. Large carrying range, up to 2000Kg. 6. Low noise, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance. 7. It is used in conjunction with the entrance and exit conveying equipment to fully automate the conveying process and avoid the instability caused by manual operation. 8. Compact structure, small footprint. 9. The material can be conveyed upwards or downwards. 10. It is safe and reliable, easy to maintain, low operating cost, and effectively reduces transportation costs. 11. The main engine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation control, which can flexibly support the gripping speed, so that the logistics pipeline operation is smoother. The vertical mobile conveyor is suitable for connecting flow production lines and other continuous and automatic vertical transportation of box goods. It has the characteristics of large cargo volume, stable transportation, small installation space, and bidirectional operation. It is equipped with an automatic control system. It can fully realize the continuity and automation of the vertical conveying of box goods. The vertical moving conveyor is not only used for the transportation of powder, granular and block materials, but also for the transportation of mines, metallurgy, chemicals, and building materials. The conveying height is high, the chain speed is low, the operation is stable, the operation and maintenance are convenient, the wearing parts are few, and the structure size is small. Friends who are interested can read it carefully, and hope to help you.
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