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Vertical conveyor disassembly process

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-20
What is the dismantling process of the vertical conveyor? I should have shared with you the process of disassembling the vertical loading conveyor before. Generally, it is installed first and then dismantled, and the latter is dismantled first. In the same way, when it is installed, it is the opposite. First dismantle, install last, and dismantle last. If it is, it must be installed first. 1. Put down the crane, and then drop the jack-up platform. Put the lifting pulley assembly on the top of the column. First lift the platform up slightly, pull the rope at the tail of the self-turning claw to tilt the claw away from the column, and tie the rope end to the platform. Keep the climbing claw tilted, reverse the manual winch to move the platform down a standard section, relax the climbing claw tail rope, so that the platform is stuck on the lower standard section, remove the lifting pulley assembly from the top of the column and place it on the platform, and raise the crane . 2. Use the squeegee on the platform to unload the previous standard section, put it into the raised crane, transport the unloaded standard section to the ground and unload it, and then put down a standard section according to the steps, and repeat the procedure. The standard sections are removed in groups. 3. When you need to remove which set of attachments, you should remove which set. Do not remove all attachment frames at the same time. The outer enclosed scaffold should also be removed step by step along with the column to prevent shaking when removing the frame. 4. When only two sets of standard sections are removed, start to remove the crane blue, lower the support rods to the platform, and unload the standard sections, ground beams, etc. The above is an introduction to the disassembly process of the vertical loading conveyor. I hope it can help you. When disassembling, you must disassemble in the prescribed order, otherwise it is easy to miss or install the wrong parts, which will cause the vertical loading conveyor to fail to work properly. Movement or damage.
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