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Various types of components of unpowered roller conveyors in conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-10

Modern production and processing enterprises generally use conveyors to transport materials for production and transportation, so as to improve production

Conveyors of job lines produce job labor hours.

operation for production transportation and logistics

In the conveying system, the unpowered roller loading conveyor replaces the manual drive conveying method in the production operation, and can change other drives

The running direction of the moving conveyor belt. The unpowered roller conveyor in the conveying equipment is used to transport materials during production operations.

Production operators achieve the purpose of transporting materials by manually pushing the conveying method of materials.

The roller conveyor of the unpowered roller conveyor is usually made of a round tube, and steel pipes, plastics can also be selected from the production material.

Roller conveyors for pipes, and other types of high-precision and high-strength materials. According to the production of roller conveyor conveyor

Unpowered roller conveyors can be divided into different parts depending on the material: First, plastic roller conveyors, which are the barrels of the roller conveyors.

The body is made of plastic pipe; secondly, the carbon steel roller conveyor is what we usually call the roller conveyor.

The cylinder body is made of carbon steel pipe.

Unpowered roller conveyor according to the production of different enterprises

The surface of the barrel of the unpowered roller conveyor can also be made into other types according to the technological requirements of the material:

The first one is plastic spraying

Roller conveyor means that the barrel surface of the roller conveyor is made by spraying plastic powder, and it can also be sprayed with paint


The second is the electroplating roller conveyor, that is, the surface of the roller conveyor is made by electroplating

, such as galvanized, chrome-plated, nickel-plated, etc.;

The third type is the rubber-coated roller conveyor, which is the surface of the roller loading conveyor.

Lagging production, according to the needs of different production enterprises, the unpowered roller conveyor for lagging can also be wrapped into various colors, so that the

The surface of the unpowered roller conveyor for processing is soft, which can reduce the friction between the transported materials when transporting materials in production operations.


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