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Using the jack-up conveyor transmission between online

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-18
We used to display a jack-up type rotary conveyor line, this can change the direction of a product. Described in the following applications, jack-up conveyor is used to move products between the two packaging lines. This article shows the conveyor belt is conveyor box mobile products. Paid for the two operating conveyor, will move pop-up box 90 degrees conveyor products, at the end of the line, and they are parallel to each other. Two production lines have pop-up conveyor, two conveyor connection in the middle. The purpose of this setup is in the case of one of the packaging area down between will shift the cheese production line. In a typical production, cheese will continue to be offline, 一) If the production need to switch to the second line, then a pop-up conveyor, cheese block will be moved to the second production line ( B) On the pop-up on the conveyor. Between the lines running conveyor on the caster, and through the quick release pin is connected to the pop-up conveyor. This makes them can be launched quickly and let the workers or by machine. Two conveyor are our top conveyor, designed for quick and easy to clean and wash environment design. In line running between two conveyor with optional front idler, allow the transfer.
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