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Use the belt conveyor for correct operation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-21
The belt conveyor has now become one of the important equipment in the entire production link in many action sites. Advanced structure, strong adaptability, low resistance, long life, convenient maintenance, and complete protection devices are the remarkable characteristics of belt conveyors. So how can we use the belt loading conveyor correctly? Let's take a look at the machinery together with everyone. 1. Start with no load, start feeding after the belt is running normally, stop feeding when shutting down, and turn off the power after the material on standby is conveyed; 2. Check the tightness of the tape before starting, and it should not be too tight or Too loose. 3. The feed must be uniform, the conveying volume should be controlled appropriately, and the material should be fed into the middle of the conveyor belt to prevent one side. 4. The lubrication of each transmission part should be checked frequently, and grease should be added regularly. I hope everyone can use the belt conveyor correctly. Only in this way can we ensure the personal safety of our staff and the service life of the belt loading conveyor.
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