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Unpowered roller conveyor is not a simple 'roller conveyor'

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-12

After the accumulation and experience in recent years, the company has possessed the Ru0026D and innovation ability of professional conveying accessories. With solid product quality, high-quality service ability, and innovative service awareness, the company has provided many well-known domestic and foreign beverages, dairy, beer, slaughter

The slaughter giants, machinery trade organizations, and internationally renowned packaging brands provide excellent services. Let's introduce the main purpose of the use of unpowered roller conveyors. Unpowered roller conveyor is one of the most commonly used roller conveyors, and it is also used in operating enterprises.

One of the main conveyor accessories of the industrial production loading conveyor line is to manually drive the belt or the conveyor belt to change the transportation.

Conveying machinery for cylindrical components in row direction. Unpowered roller conveyors are also a very popular conveying device in the current market.

The equipment is mainly made of steel pipe, plastic pipe and high-strength and high-precision round steel. Unpowered roller conveying

The inner shaft of the machine is manufactured from round steel with a small diameter, while the one with a large diameter and high precision can be machined.

The unpowered roller conveyor also plays the role of supporting the conveyor belt, so that the overhang of the conveyor belt does not exceed the demand Come

Ensure the smooth running of the conveyor belt. The quality of the unpowered roller conveyor in the running state of the machine directly affects the operation of the conveyor

quality. The speed of the unpowered roller conveyor is generally not more than 600r/min. Unpowered roller conveyors can also be

The material is divided into carbon steel galvanized material, carbon steel galvanized chrome, stainless steel, carbon steel hard chrome plated material, etc.; unpowered roller conveyor

It can realize single row of teeth and stacking material conveying. Unpowered roller conveyor conveyor line is also automatic assembly conveyor

Equipment, its conveying part is mainly composed of roller conveyor, frame, guide edge and other parts.

The needs of the process are manually pushed and passed to complete the required functions.

The unpowered roller conveyor is mainly used for conveying

Conveying all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets and packaged goods, some bulk materials and small items need to be placed on pallets or turned over

Transfer and convey in the box, in addition, the unpowered roller conveyor equipment can also convey the large load or the weight of a single piece

Large materials can be accumulated and conveyed by accumulating roller conveyors. There is also a simple structure in unpowered rollers.

High reliability features.

With our focus and professionalism in the industry, our company has a team of excellent products.

Quality, perfect after-sale service as the brand concept team. We adhere to the core values u200bu200bof excellence, professionalism and service. Yuyin

Conveying accessories From product optimization design, raw material inspection and control, mold research and development, quantitative production to customers, we use the most professional industry

Background, tailor-made accessories combination solutions for each customer, and strive to become the first-class supplier of conveyors and accessories at home and abroad


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