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Universal casters for mobile conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-27
For the mobile conveyor, the biggest difference between it and the fixed conveyor is that the bottom of the mobile conveyor is equipped with universal wheels. The conveyor is installed with universal wheels to facilitate the movement of the conveyor. Therefore, the mobile conveyor is very suitable for enterprises whose workplaces are frequently changed. Such conveyors are flexible and easy to operate. Therefore, mobile conveyors are very popular in the conveyor market. popular! In this way, the universal wheel at the bottom of the mobile conveyor is equivalent to a person's feet, which is convenient and flexible to move around at will. If the universal wheel of the mobile conveyor is improperly installed or damaged due to improper maintenance, it will make the movement of the mobile loading conveyor less flexible or completely lose the ability to walk. For this reason, the machine has specially summarized for you some correct methods and maintenance instructions for the installation of universal wheels for mobile conveyors. With these, we believe that no matter what the problem is with the 'two feet' of the mobile conveyor, we can easily handle it. ! First of all, let's talk about the correct use of the universal wheel: The caster must be installed in the position specified by the manufacturer. The caster bracket installed must have sufficient strength to meet the load-bearing capacity during use. The function of the caster cannot be changed, nor is it affected by the installation device. The rotation axis must always be vertical. The fixed casters must be in line with their axles. If only swivel casters are used, they must be the same. If fixed casters are used in conjunction with rotating casters, all casters must be compatible with each other and must be recommended by the manufacturer. Then there is the maintenance method of the universal wheel, which is also very important. The maintenance of the bracket, the bracket is equivalent to the human ankle to the entire conveyor, if the ankle is damaged, we still talk about walking, so we must ensure the firmness of the bracket, the maintenance of the Vientiane wheel, our feet are all Wearing shoes is to reduce the friction between the feet and the ground when walking for a long time. For the same reason, the wheels of the Vientiane wheel need to be maintained for a long time and the ground friction. The wheels are often cleaned or replaced when the wheels are severely worn. , These are very necessary. There is also lubricating oil maintenance. If you see these contents, think about whether your mobile conveyor has maintained the universal wheels. If not, don't wait, and act quickly.
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