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Understanding of the quality structure of mobile conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-04
The overall quality of the mobile conveyor is supported by the quality of its accessories, and each configuration has different functions, which provide different support functions for the entire loading conveyor. So how much do you know about the configuration of the loading conveyor, and then we will talk about the role of each configuration together, and have a more detailed understanding of the structure of the conveyor. In the belt conveyor, the conveyor belt is both a load-bearing member and a traction member. It must not only have a load-bearing capacity, but also have sufficient strength. The function of the idler roller is to support the belt and the material carried on the belt, to ensure the smooth operation of the belt, and the idler rollers are evenly distributed along the entire length of the conveyor. The function of the mobile conveyor tensioning device is to ensure that the belt has sufficient tension. The transmission roller and the belt generate the necessary friction to make the belt conveyor work normally. Commonly used tensioning devices include mechanical tensioning, screw tensioning, and Heavy hammer tension type. The mobile loading conveyor cleaning device is for cleaning the belt when the belt conveyor is running. It is very important to clean up the dirt on the drive roller and idler roller. A scraper cleaner is usually installed behind the unloading roller. The belt may not rotate. The easiest way is to add the belt load, but it should not be too large to prevent too much tension on the belt and affect the belt life. It is also possible to wrap a layer of belt on the active roller and connect the belt to the roller to eliminate the problem of belt non-rotation by increasing the internal tension of the belt. Only if you have a timely understanding of the conveyor, it will be more convenient to choose and use. The wide application of conveyors has promoted the improvement of the requirements of various aspects such as the function and performance of the market conveyors. Machinery constantly adjusts the structure of mechanical products and recommends better conveyors to users. Welcome to pay attention to machinery, we sincerely invite to serve you.
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